All Club members are expected to volunteer and donate time as part of your Club Membership.  All Club maintenance, social events, and fundraisers are accomplished by groups of members volunteering their time.


It is the responsibility of the Members to keep our Club clean, organized and safe for all of us.  Here are some common tasks that need to be done regularly, but essentially if you see something out of place, disorganized, messy, etc, please chip in and help clean it up!

  • Walkways, stairs and decks need to be shoveled, snowblown, and de-iced as needed.  This is a task that any Club member can help with, shovels are located at each entrance.  This is a task that many take for granted, but all too often only a select few help with!  Please keep this in mind as you enter and exit the club.  
  • De-Icing salt is located at the entrances, and near the sink upstairs.
  • Club members are responsible keeping clear the decks on the Club building, as well as all around the AML building.
  • Both stairways need to be clear, as well as the stairway next to the timing tower.
  • Clearing and cleaning tables and benches after use.
  • Return trays back to cafeteria.  If bringing lunch over from the main lodge, the trays need to be returned.
  • Firewood can be restocked as it gets used
  • Tending to the fire by starting or adding a log as needed. (Adults only please)
  • Hot water makers can be turned on in the morning, or turned off in the evening.  

Additionally, proper Club etiquette and common sense is expected.   Setting a proper example for others and your children is appreciated by putting your belongings away, storing bags neatly in the areas provided so that the perimeter benches can be left open for additional seating.  


We also host several work days per year to accomplish basic club maintenance.  Please watch for these dates and come help!  

Social Events

Social events are run by volunteers and you can help by donating some time organizing, setting up before, and cleaning up after.   Each event, whether a Saturday afternoon happy hour or an adult-only dinner party, needs your help to put on.   

Annual Ski Swap & Sale

Each fall we host a large ski and snowboard swap and sale which generates a large amount of revenue for the Club.  This event takes many volunteers to run and organize. 

A special campaign for volunteers will begin prior to this event.  Please when you see this request, consider working a few shifts over the course of that weekend.