PSC Race - Volunteer Workday requirement

Many volunteers are required to host and conduct a ski race and many opportunities exist both off and on the race hill.  We are fortunate at the Pico Ski Club to have a great deal of qualified volunteers and workers to help us host and conduct a ski race, and we look forward to continuing that tradition.  

We welcome back our veteran crew as well as new volunteers and workers.  While ensuring a smooth race is important, let’s also ensure we have fun.

For all families with participants in programs U10-U21:

As parents/guardians of participants in the Pico Ski Club Racing Program, you play a crucial role in the program not only through the support you provide your child/children, but also in supporting the program on race days, as it takes as many as 30 people to staff a USSA.

The Pico Ski Club Race Program has a Race Work Day policy that applies to all families with participants in U10-U21 programs.  A Work Day deposit of $375 is assessed upon registration, and is refunded in full at the end of the season to those families that complete the required three Work Day Dibs credits. 

As a reminder, once you have fulfilled your 3 credits, the opportunity to earn Pico lift ticket vouchers is available.  Check in on race day to to learn more and to see if additional volunteers are needed.  This is also available to club members without athletes in the race program!

Dib Credits

What are Dibs? Dibs is the name of the module on the website families will use to claim responsibility for work commitments. Access Dibs using the menu option at the top. You will receive an email message when each Dibs session opens.