How it works

Here is an overview of the sale!  While there are many details and it might seem overwhelming to read, the way this will work is relatively simple!

  1. Log into your existing consignor account, or create a new one. Links are on the detailed instruction sheets.
    • In your account, Register for the upcoming sale and  accept the seller agreement.
    • Follow the detailed instructions available for download and review them.
    • Enter all your items between Sept 19 and 29.  Remember, you'll need an image of each item.
  2. When the online store opens, your items will be listed for sale.  
  3. After the sale closes, in your consignor account, you will be able to :
    • View and print reports of items sold online.
    • Print sold 'tags' to help you label the items that sold.
  4. Sellers bring the sold items and report to drop off at Pico Ski Club between October 7 and 10.  We'll be following social distancing rules and ask that people wait in their cars if needed.
  5. Buyers will come to pick up orders at Pico Ski Club on October 11-12.
  6. Shortly after, we'll reconcile the sale and begin to distribute payments to sellers.  
    • We recommend using Paypal to receive your payments, as it will be received faster.
    • Commission rates: Members: 17%, Shops: 20%, Non-Members: 25%