Important Links & Instructions - PLEASE FOLLOW

1. Entering your items MUST be completed by September 29 at 8pm. 

  • New Consignor Registration   Set up a new account and start adding your items to your account.

  • Existing (from 2019) Consignor Homepage - Any and all items previously entered from past swaps have been removed. All tags you may have on items that did not sell should be removed and will not work in the future. Follow these instructions: 

Each consignor will need to login and ‘register’ for the new sale.

  • View Activities Menu
  • Select ‘Register for our upcoming sale’
  • Click the checkbox to register, then review your account and update all contact info. Follow appropriate buttons.

2. Enter your items. 

Things to know:

  • Minimum price per listing is $5. You may bundle smaller items into one listing (ie hats, socks) to meet the minimum
  • Price to sell! Shoppers are looking for great prices.
  • The two lines of text will also be used on the product page description, followed by the size category the item is in.
  • Include brand, color and anything to assist the buyer - waist measurement on pants, for example. Note size if not categorized specifically.  
  • Use NEW or NWT (new with tags) as the first three characters, if you are listing a new item.
  • You may choose the optional 25% discount, per item for the last day of the sale. It is optional.
  • In order for the item to be shown online, you must check the box for “ready to be sold online” AND upload a photo. Items missing either of these will not be shown online for sale.

Things you must do:

  • Choose a category. Use the sizes to categorize your item, and allow them to be filtered on the shopping site. Not using this correctly will result in difficult to shop categories. Enter size specific details if needed in description. (ie if the skis you are selling are 172cm, use that size in the description, but choose the appropriate size category which may be 165-180cm) 
  • Choose a size group.  Size choices “Leave Blank” or “See Description” will be left off of the item title.
  • Type a description - For your description, there are only two fields, please use the space wisely. 
  • The two lines of text you enter here will be used for the TITLE of the item in the online store.
  • Set a price. Enter quantity.  
  • Check if the item can be discounted on the last day of the sale.
  • Check “this item is ready to be sold online’
  • Upload a photo.One quality image (cellphone photo is fine -  must be 5 MB or smaller)  that best represents your item will need to be added to your listing for your item to be included in the online store. 

3. Additional images.   

  • If needed to better present your item, up to four additional images may be emailed separately (We will do our best to include those images. It may not be possible near the end of the consignment period.)
  • To request for more images to be included, please follow these specific instructions:
      • Email with [consignor#]-[item#] in the subject line

      • Each email sent with images attached MUST include your consignor number plus the item number. Your consignor number will be four digits and the item number will be the number associated with the item in the item# column. (ie 1010-13, meaning consignor #1010 and item #13)
      • This is a very manual process, and should be reserved for used equipment, or items that truly need additional images. 


Consignor Inventory entry screen - For the most part it will look the same, but there will be a few new inventory status icons and they will have two new options - uploading photos and marking the item as "ready for online sale".

What does the "lock" symbol on an inventory item mean?

The lock icon means that the item has been exported to the online shopping site and is locked from further edits. 

What does "Ready For Online Sale" mean?

When the consignor has entered all the details of an item and uploaded at least one photo, they can (and must in our case) check the box to mark the item as "ready for online sale". This is how the consignor lets PSC know that this item is ready for export for online sale. The consignor cannot mark an item as ready for online sale until they have uploaded at least one photo for the item. The consignor can check and uncheck the box to mark an item ready for online sale as often as they wish UNTIL it has been exported.   Once exported, you can no longer edit the item. A consignor should not upload a photo for an item or mark it as ready for online sale unless they intend for it to be exported and placed for sale online. 

How does a consignor upload a photo for an inventory item?

Photo uploading is available on both the mobile item entry page and the PC/Laptop item entry page. A photo can be uploaded as a new item is being entered, or the item can be edited and photos can be uploaded for it. There is a small "Upload Photos" control on the near the area where discount and donate are specified on both the screen where a new item is added and where an item is edited.

What are the rules for Uploading Photos?

A consignor can upload 1 photo for each inventory item. Each photo must be 5 MB or smaller. 

How can a consignor see which of their items has sold in the online store?

A consignor will know which items have been exported to the online store by the presence of the lock icon. As PSC exports info from online, they are marked as sold in your consignor inventory. On the consignor homepage, you will see a new option to view the ONLINE sold items. Items only appear on this list after the information is imported (not live). This sold item list also has the "shopper code" on it so that consignors can group their online sold items by the shopify order represented by that shopper code when they bring the items to you so that you can fulfill your orders.

Sold items -

Please print and attach tags to the items that were sold. The tag printing option is listed on the Consignor Inventory Menu under "PRINT TAGS".  Choose Print ALL online sold tags. This gives the consignor an option to print a tag only for items that were sold online, so that once we receive them at PSC, we can more easily sort them.

Can a consignor see which of their items has sold in the online store?

After the sale is complete, a consignor will know which items have been exported to the online store by the presence of the lock icon. On the consignor homepage, a new option to view ONLINE sold items exists. This sold item list also has the "shopper code" on it so that you can group online sold items by the order represented by that shopper code when you bring the items to Pico.