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Pico Ski Club Race Registration Now Open for the 2020-2021 Season!

By matt, 10/12/20, 12:15PM EDT


We are so excited to begin another year of our race programs at the Pico Ski Club. You may now register for the 2020-2021 PSC race program.  Go here to register.


Our program planning is ongoing as we navigate through the pandemic, the VT health and safety protocols, and Pico resort requirements as they relate to return to ski.  We will offer programming for all athletes ages 5 -19. 


The weekend sessions will look different and families should plan on a “drop and go” model with one 2 hour session per weekend day for each age group for the first month of our program. In addition, keeping the health and safety of our athletes and their families our priority, we will be implementing some of the following protocols:

  • a system for health checks
  • staggered start and end times for training for each age group 
  • all training sessions will be car to lift (drop & go) for the first part of the season. Athletes will need to be ready to ski when they exit their vehicle.


All 2020-2021 PSC registered weekend program athletes will have some midweek options to supplement their weekend training. There will be a morning option as well as an afternoon option. Athletes will only be able to participate in one of these options but can not do both the AM and PM programs. The midweek programs will have a separate registration process as well an additional fee. The details of these programs will be sent out in the coming weeks.


As you all know, things are changing everyday and so as we move closer to the start date of our programs, December 19th, we will update and adapt the structure of our program and provide that information to our families. 


A sample weekend may look something like this:


8:30-10:30   U8

11:00-1:00   U10/U12

1:30-4:00     U14-U19


8:30-10:30   U14-U19

11:00-1:00   U8

1:30-4:00     U10/U12


A Zoom meeting for all race families will be scheduled as we near the opening day of our program so that we can discuss all daily protocols with regards to the use of PSC, the resort and our training sessions.


Please remember:


All U10-U19 participants will need to have their USSA and VARA memberships. You will have an opportunity to access both memberships through the PSC race link on the Welcome page and then proceed with your PSC race registration. When registering/renewing with USAA make sure you select Alpine Competitor.


Please register by December 16, 2020, as coaching fees will increase after that.


You will need to enter insurance information for each athlete, so please have the appropriate insurance card(s) available.


You will need your credit card to pay.  (Pay in full and installment options will be available.)


Please register all your athletes in one session, as it streamlines the process and avoids duplication of the race day work fee.  (If you have an athlete decide to join the race program later, let us know and we will work with you on that.)


If your athlete was in the program last year, much of the information will carry forward to this year.  Please verify that all of that information is accurate.  You will have to enter your athlete's age, grade and age level (U8-U21) again this year.


At check out, Sports Engine will present you the option to purchase insurance. Pico Ski Club is not involved in the offering of this product and makes no representations about it. Decisions to purchase or not purchase this product are up to each individual or family.


Please download the Sports Engine app to your phone (and that of any athlete for whom you decide that is appropriate), if you do not have it already. This is an important communication tool for coaches, especially when there are last minute changes to training schedules and on race day.


Volunteers are essential to running the races that the Pico Ski Club will host.  We will open our volunteer sign up system, Dibs on Sports Engine, in December as we get closer to the season.  We will send out a separate message when it is ready for you to sign up.


Be safe and think snow!


If you have any questions, please email: 

[email protected]

[email protected]